by Sina

Let me guess… Does this sound familiar?

Darn, another month gone by!? I haven’t achieved anything that matters to me…again.

—You, two weeks into a new month

Goal-setting is SO much work. I don’t know where to start. I don’t really have time for it, either.

—You, every time you think about setting goals

I’ve tried dozens of planning and goal-setting systems. Nothing has worked for me so far. I’m tired of spending hours setting up something I don’t use anyway.

—You, after abandoning your new planning system after a week

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

  • stop working on goals not aligned with your values?
  • follow the urge to live your authenticity?
  • start working on the things that fulfil YOU?

And all this with a simple, predefined Notion Template—where you don’t have to set up anything yourself?

You only need one hour to set a new course

With this Notion template, you…

  • finally make the change you need to feel more satisfied in life
  • take charge of how your life is going instead of floating & drifting along
  • start small and still make a big impact

From overwhelm ☁️ to clarity ✨

This Notion template contains:

  • an easy-to-follow 5-step process based on years of experience
  • many reflection and journaling questions so you get to know yourself better
  • a page template to set goals that motivate you
  • smart database to track your goals

⭐ BONUS: You’ll also get lots of tips on the most common challenges in goal-setting!

You don’t have to set up anything yourself—it’s all prepared for you. You even can transfer it to your own Notion Dashboard.

This is waiting for you in the Notion template

aesthetic Notion template: beautifully designed with a step-by-step process

easy to follow instructions with a lot of bonus tips

Planning in Notion can be functional and aesthetic

Get the 0€ template now to start today!

Please note: You need to have a Notion account, or you need to be willing to create one. This template works with Notion only.

You wonder what Notion is? Check out the official Notion website to learn more.